• Krista Grayce

An Excerpt from "An Unexpected Gift"

The climate was perfect for a day of relaxation. The Jersey shore was a graceful sweep of sand, glittering under the spring sun this was where the placid ocean came to rest. The waves rolled in with a soothing sound. The beach goers walked along the crest of the dry and wet sand picking up the seashells that lay every few feet or so. These shells were treasures of an aquatic world just out of reach. The footprints they left behind were soon erased. The sun was high at noon and getting warmer. The aroma of sea air mixed with the smell of fudge coming from the stores on the promenade was as fragrant as it always was and brought back comforting memories. The breeze coming off the ocean blew humidity away from their faces enabling them to breathe in the coolness effortlessly.

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