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  An Unexpected Gift


        Having recently been fired, losing her beloved mother to cancer and being diagnosed with autism at the late age of fifty-five, Janie Nolan moves back to the home of her dysfunctional family to assess her future in the seashore town of Cape May, New Jersey. Her abusive, narcissistic and now ailing father has given her the family business, a failing small stage theater, as a possible means for an income. However, Janie is uncertain as to what his true motive might be.  

       Enter Alec Ryan, a handsome, former intern of her fathers and now a successful Broadway producer and director arrives from New York carrying his own aching past and baggage with plans to assist Janie in restoring the theater to its original appeal and former glory.  To his surprise, Alec uncovers qualities in Janie that reach far beyond her autism and its personality quirks and oddities and resolves to help restore Janie as well, simultaneously putting his own past demons to rest and possibly learning to love again.  When Janie discovers a piece of jewelry left by her mother that could change the course of Janie's life on not only the old small stage but on Janie's life stage as well.  




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